Trademark services
by intellectual property lawyers

We provide a wide range of customizable services, from quick and simple filing to thorough, attorney driven consultation and strategy for even the most complex trademark applications.

The Trademark Garden Difference

Don’t be fooled by other trademark services offering work by trademark “experts” and “specialists,” as only a trademark law firm can provide you with actual legal advice.

Unlike most of our competition, Trademark Garden is a fully functional intellectual property law firm, and our services are all worked by a licensed and experienced trademark attorney. Your attorney will analyze your application, search for potentially conflicting trademarks, and contact you directly, offering insight into any potential problems as well as recommendations on how to proceed. Once you’ve agreed on a plan of action, your attorney will put together and file your application, making sure to avoid the all too common pitfalls that lead to refusal. As our competitors are not law firms, they simply cannot offer this kind of value, as they are legally barred from giving legal advice, all they can do is blindly fill out forms on your behalf, with no idea of the chances of actual registration.

We offer all of this, at rates that remain competitive with similar services, by trimming the fat that weighs down our competition. We make the process quick, simple, and direct, offering trademark legal services directly to you, with no middle men, impersonal automation, or call centers manned by outsourced service teams.

How does Trademark Garden compare with other trademark filing services?

Trademark Garden

Our non-attorney competitors

All work done by a licensed attorney

Identify and explain possible legal issues with your application

USPTO register search & common law search

Power of attorney over your trademark application

Communication with the USPTO on your behalf

Trademark monitoring available


I found Trademark Garden after a poor experience with LegalZoom. I have been working with Anton and he has been excellent to deal with. Prompt replies, clear and professional recommendations, highly recommended!
I've tried the "online services" for trademark registration. It didn't turn out well. We've done many trademark registrations for ourselves and clients through Trademark Garden and had a wonderful experience. They are top-notch professionals. Our "go-to" team.