Apply for a Trademark to Protect Your Brand

Whatever your brand identifier is, it can be trademarked. Whether that’s a word, phrase, image, sound, or even smell, you will want to protect it. A registered trademark grants your business strong federal rights across all 50 states. It is valid for 6 years from the initial application date, with potentially unlimited 10-year renewals. We can help you apply for a trademark with our simple, affordable trademark filing services.

apply for a trademark

Why should I choose the elite package?

This service package is recommended for all trademarks, and provides an increased level of pre and post filing service. If you want a hands-free approach because you want to focus your time and efforts on your business rather than on legal trademark red tape, this is the best choice for you!

How do I apply for a trademark?

Use our intuitive online trademark wizard to fill out your federal trademark application form. This only takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

Unlike most of our competition, Trademark Garden is a law firm and as such, we can offer legal opinions, legal advice, legal services, and can work with the USPTO on your behalf. Only a trademark attorney can do these things, so let’s get started!

Elite Trademark Service

Recommended for complex trademarks likely to require additional post filing followup such as professional services, major brands, and applications based on foreign trademark registrations.

This all-inclusive package includes everything in our E-Commerce package, PLUS: