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Amazon Brand Gating

Looking for the best way to protect your Amazon brand? Amazon’s Brand Gating program helps prevent private labels and other branded products from being counterfeited and hijacked by unscrupulous third parties. Follow this step-by-step process to get your Amazon Brand Gated, and learn the role that a federal trademark and Amazon Brand Registry play in the process.

Amazon Counterfeiting Explained

Amazon counterfeiting is a growing threat for sellers that do not use Amazon Brand Gating. Counterfeiters abuse the FBA system to peddle fake goods, quickly destroying the reputation and business of any Amazon seller. Brand Gating and trademarking your brand are essential to combat counterfeit goods.

How to Trademark Cryptocurrency

With the Bitcoin boom of early 2018, cryptocurrency is one of the hottest things in the fast moving and competitive world of tech startups.Trademark Garden is experienced in all manner of cryptocurrency trademark applications and would be happy to assist you across all 50 states and abroad.

Top 5 Trademark Mistakes

Listed below are some of the most common mistakes and blunders that people make when coming with, filing, and protecting their trademark. These mistakes can lead to anything from losing some of the rights that you would otherwise be entitled to, to complete inability to secure any meaningful rights in your brand.

It Pays to be Different

Have you ever wondered why the majority of major brands use trademarks that have use made up words, or, at best, words that have nothing to do with what they sell? Apple doesn’t sell fruit, Amazon has nothing to do with rivers or rain forests, and what is a “google” anyway? The reason for this has at least something to do with the respective strengths of different categories of trademarks.

Brandverbing and Genericide

“I’ll have to Google that.” “Let’s UBER to the bar.” “Can you Xerox me some copies?” All of these phrases and more are common, everyday examples of distinctive trademarks being used not only as bywords for the goods and services that provided under the trademarks, but as verbs used to identify the action of using an internet search engine, ordering a ride share, or making a photocopy. As this practice becomes more and more common among the large and famous players in the trademark (and business) world, everyone seems to be jumping on the bandwagon of presenting their trademarks as bywords for the act of using the good or service in question. But is this a good idea, from the point of view of preserving your exclusive rights to the trademark?

Protect your brand with a trademark registration.

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