your brand.

Whatever your brand identifier is, it can be trademarked. Whether that’s a word, phrase, image, sound, or even smell, you will want to protect it. A registered trademark grants your business strong federal rights across all 50 states. It is valid for 6 years from the initial application date, with potentially unlimited 10-year renewals.

Why Should I Choose the Elite Package?

This service package is recommended for all trademarks, and provides an increased level of pre and post filing service. If you want a hands-free approach because you want to focus your time and efforts on your business rather than on legal trademark red tape, this is the best choice for you!

How Do I Proceed?

Use our intuitive online trademark wizard to fill out your federal trademark application form. This only takes approximately 5-10 minutes.

  • Pay the application fee (government fees will be paid later).
  • Your information and application will be reviewed by a licensed trademark attorney.
  • An exhaustive search on the federal registry will be performed, looking for conflicts.
  • Should any issues arise, your attorney will consult you on how to proceed.
  • Once issues are resolved, your attorney will file your application with the federal government.

Unlike most of our competition, Trademark Garden is a law firm and as such, we can offer legal opinions, legal advice, legal services, and can work with the USPTO on your behalf. Only a trademark attorney can do these things, so let’s get started!

Elite U.S. Trademark Package

This all-inclusive package includes everything in our other packages, PLUS:

  • Trademark filing by a licensed trademark attorney for up to three trademark classes
    +$99 per Class for each Class beyond the first three
  • Extended in-depth search identifying a wider range of potential risks, and giving a risk analysis for each
  • FREE follow-up search on alternate trademark if risk(s) are identified
  • Peace of Mind Service providing:
    1. All non-substantive refusals of your trademark will be addressed for FREE by your trademark attorney
    2. If a re-filing is required, the mark will be refiled FREE of any legal fees (government filing fees still apply)
    3. 20% discount on any substantive responses that the application may require
  • Next business day processing